Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Expand on-line market with the free qr code generator

QR Codes are a couple of dimensional bar codes that are simply scanned using any trendy mobile phone. This QR code can be converted into a bit of text and/or link. Quick response codes can be used in advertisements, calling cards, brochures, product and user manuals etc.

Free qr code generator is a kind of matrix bar code. The technology was designed by a Japanese automaker. QR code is used for equipment information like contact details, URLs or text. They have the ability to handle various kinds of information like alphabetic, binary and numeric. These days, people can search these codes everywhere such as on a CD cover, television, billboard and at the bottom of a magazine page.

It has gained popularity with its large storage capacity and fast readability. Free qr code generator has become common all over the world and are now growing in Asia and United States at a staggering pace. The QR code generator is extremely easy to use. The QR Code is clearly defined and published as an ISO standard. Micro QR code is a smaller version of the QR code.

While selecting QR code, keep in mind that bright colors are not always perfect for the actual code. White background and dark shades for the QR code are the best. This on-line QR code builder is permitted for personal and commercial use. There are sites accessible on-line that can provide these codes without any charges or fees.

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