Thursday, April 12, 2012

QR code generator for Your business

QR code is abbreviated from Quick Response Code. This code is very helpful for marketing your business. QR code was invented in 1994 by Denso Wave. They look like a black maze with white background, and it stores all necessary information of any product. It is very helpful for both small and big business, because if you store all information of your products in QR code, people can see product related information any time and any where, whether your shop timings are on or off.

You require the code generator for generating the QR code for your business. Here, many companies are available in the market, which provide free qr code generator services to their clients. You can search on the Internet, many companies are providing related facility at free of cost. On the Internet, you get many options to generate the code. It is your wish to choose, which one will give you the best result. With the help of generator, your product code can be as big as 300*300 pixels or as small as 30*30 pixels.

You can customize your code at any time with the help of free qr code generator. Once you generate the code, you are able to share your product information with the people. You can also use the QR code as your visiting card, which hold your employment information and related stuff. To see information about your product or company, people must have smart phone, so that they read the code with the help of code reader applications. Generating of code is an easy process that produces a download link and an URL, to your QR code image.

People, who have smart phones they just install the QR code reader application, and after clicking the snap of code, they can read all information of that product with the help of this applications.

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