Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free QR code generator is a vital link in the tech revolution

QR (Quick Response) codes can be considered innovative form of barcodes, in which people can save information of their telephone number, email, website information and even their geo-location. The user, who intends to access this information, must possess a smartphone that must be equipped with a dedicated Quick Response code reader software. This application works with the assistance of the camera and retrieves the details that are stored within the QR code.

There are many websites that offer the service of free qr code generator. Generating the code online will prove extremely helpful in saving an individual's money, which he would have spent to purchase an application for QR code generation. Moreover, if people prefer to generate QR code online, they will remain selective that means, they can create separate QR codes for an email and an SMS.

With the availability of free qr code generator, an individual can create his business card, with all the information put into the matrix of black squares. People can also engage their clients in real time with their business card or a flyer that carries an advertisement of their business.

QR codes are becoming a platform to share an individual's contact details and other information with the world. An individual just need to avail services of free qr code generator to generate the Quick Response code online with desired details, like a website link and after this, he can print over the card or any other transitory media. The code will then take the concerned individual to the preferred location and might encourage him/her to take a favourable action.

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