Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Generate free online QR codes for effective advertising

Businessman keep thinking about new techniques of marketing to get their message across in an exclusive and engaging way. We all know that mobile phone technologies are dominating the world. People are thrilled with the smart gadgets like iPhones, Android, and iPads. Businessmen are using these unique gadgets to attract customers.

These gadgets are used to scan QR codes i.e. Quick Responsive codes. These codes are a new way of getting traffic for your online business and can be easily generated with a free qr code generator.

QR codes refer to black and white two-dimensional bar code. With the help of these bar codes, one can send the smartphone users to his mobile-friendly websites. These codes can also be pointed to any video or mobile coupon. QR codes can be used for all businesses. QR codes have even replaced paper train tickets.

Google is also experimenting with QR codes. These codes can be scanned to log in a Google account by using a smart phone. It is being designed for improving authentication and security. A public release will be done after completion of Google's experiment.

One must try to find a free qr code generator around the web as there are numerous websites offering such service. A code generator can help you in getting a virtual internet business card, which make it easy to enhance your online business.

Once you have created a personal code for your business, you can use it in several ways. Print it on your business card, use it as a sticker or just have it on your T-shirt.

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