Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Numerous Online Firms Provide Free QR Code Generator

Quick response code, also known as QR code, has become a leading option to add visual appeal to your brand. This is popping up as a smart strategy to increase traffic to your online business. The mobile phone users can scan these codes and see the message that they contain. They can download quick response code scanner application for this purpose. This code is gaining popularity and can be created easily through the free QR code generator.

Quick response code was developed by Denso Wave (Toyota subsidiary) in 1994 to monitor vehicles and parts. This code is a 2D code and can store large quantity of information with different formats, like kanji letters, signs, numbers, URL, plain text and many more. Below are some essential functions of quick response code such as :

1.High Capacity Encoding of Data
2.Footprint Size Smaller than Conventional Bar Code
3.Dirt and Damage Resistant
4.Can be Read From Any Direction in 360°

In the market, there are a number of companies, which offer services for QR code generation and management. These firms also offer free QR code generator on their websites. Once this code is generated, it can be utilized in several ways. One can print it on the business card, advertising boards, or corporate T-shirts.

There are numerous service providers present online, which provide different packages for QR code marketing. The price listing of the packages is available on the sites of these companies. Some of these providers also offer free trial packages for beginners in the QR world. Under the trial pack, you will get a free QR code pointing to social profiles, videos, URLs or text messages.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Create QR Codes for Your Business Through Free Code Generators

Quick Responsive codes or simply QR codes are the best alternative for traditional marketing tools. In this era of stiff competition, business organizations keep working on implementing new marketing ideas to live in the online business market. The advent of technology has given a new definition to businesses, and almost every business has an online presence, nowadays. However, making the product or services visible to the maximum number of online customers is the cause of competition.

QR code is used as a new tool to engage traffic on your website. Also, they are easy to create with free QR code generator. The code is a black and white two dimensional square code, which is to be scanned with a smart phone to fetch the information stored therein. The user can download the QR code scanner from the Internet, which are available for free and can just move their smart phones over the unique codes to reach the hidden message.

Thus, they are user friendly and easy to generate and bring success to the online business. There are a number of firms providing assistance in QR code marketing. They provide different packages, and you can pick one that suits to your business model. They also provide free QR code generator on their websites and provide different colors Quick Responsive codes.

Some of the companies also offer free trial package so that you can test the effectiveness of QR codes as an advertising tool. The plan also includes the analysis of your online visibility with which you can check the results of your efforts.