Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Complete description about qr code generator

Quick response code is a barcode which consists of mainly black modules organized in a square pattern on a light colour background. This code is used to store informations like URLs, contact details, or various text information. It can handle many types of data mainly numeric, binary, alphabetic, and even chinese characters. Nowadays, one can notice it everywhere on a magazine page, on any billboard, on a CD/DVD cover. It is not as common as the barcode, but the use of code is getting popular.

Free qr code generator is easily available these days on the internet. The versatile quick response code can be used as personal business card. These days many professionals have started use of this code instead of business cards for their contact and other information. Whenever anyone wants to note down information, one can just show your personal code and let them scan it with phone camera to retrieve personal detail. It is also important, that the phone is equipped with a dedicated software.

One can easily create own business card by using Free qr code generator. These website are easy to use, and very importantly, free of charge. With it, one can encode contact and employment details in to different formats : meCard, vCard and text. One can also encode email address, telephone number, or URL. With the help of tools like Google Maps, one has the option of encoding the present location of business working unit. One can also encode SMS or text based message with the various generators.

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