Thursday, March 29, 2012

Use of Qr Code Generator

The adaptable QR code can be used as your personal business card. Nowadays many working experts have started using QR codes in place of physical business cards to distribute their employment information and contact. Whenever someone wants to note down your information, you can just show them personal code and let them scan it with their smart phone camera to fetch your personal information. It is essential, however, that their phone furnished with a devoted reader software.

You can easily create own virtual business card using the Free QR Code Generator. Many sites offers free creation of these codes and are very simple to generate. With it, you can conceal contact and employment details into three different ways : meCard, vCard and text. You can also encode telephone number, email address or website URL independently. With the help of Google Maps, you can also have the opportunity of encoding the location of the business. You can even encode the text message with the code generator.

With QR Code Generator code can be as small as 30 x 30 pixels or as large as 300 x 300 pixels. You just have to judge the one that will suit your requirements. There is also a range of foremost customization options for Free QR Code Generator. You can add texts below and above the code image, switch the color of the code foreground and background and text. The generator can also send you an email copy of your code if you want to have.

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